CHMELAŘSTVÍ, družstvo Žatec

Mostecká 2580, 438 19 Žatec

IČ: 00212229, DIČ: CZ212229

Společnost zapsána v obchodním rejstříku vedeném Krajským soudem
v Ústí nad Labem spisová značka Dr., vložka 185.

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The Hop Museum in Žatec is the biggest exposition of its kind in Europe. In the area of 4.000 square meters the development of hop industry from the Early Middle Ages until now is shown. In addition to the many exhibits displayed, visitors will see the building, which is of functional industrial architecture from the end of the 19th century to be found in Žatec, famous all over the world for the finest hops.

You will learn why the Žatec district became the producer of the best hops in the world and why the Žatec brand has had to be protected against low-quality imitations ever since medieval times.

You will be impressed by the charm of the fotographs and writtings about hop-growing and beer-making. You will also find here some agricultural machinery and historical machines.

The buildings, the museum is situated in, were built at the end of 19th century and were used as hop stores and packing– plants. The Hop museum was founded by the Chmelarstvi Cooperative Žatec during 1994 to 1997. The museum was opened during the International Hop Congress in Žatec in July 1997.


Chmelarstvi Cooperative Žatec (Chmelařství, družstvo Žatec) is an organisation comprising of almost all the Czech hop-growers, around 90 % of the hop acreage in the Czech Republic. Chmelarstvi Cooperative Žatec focuses on hop processing and hop trading. Further areas of business are hop mechanisation, hop trellis construction and hop storage.

The main aim of Chmelarstvi Cooperative Žatec is to provide a wide range of services to companies and private individuals cultivating hops in the traditional regions of the Czech Republic.

Chmelarstvi Cooperative Žatec is the majority share owner of the Bohemia Hop company and the MORAVA– HOP company.

Chmelarstvi Cooperative Žatec is the owner and operator of the Hop museum and strives for the conservation of the history of Czech hop.